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NYC Bartending Catering Company is a professional bartending caterer.

We've been providing bartending catering and bartending staff in New York City for 25 years. 

We are not fans of extra fees. So we do not charge service fees, booking fees, a mandatory gratuity, or hidden fees.  New Yorkers have enough fees to deal with. 

Tipping is voluntary. If customers wish to tip, we ask that tips be given directly to the staff to ensure transparency.

 We provide services in NYC and parts of NJ.  At public events, private events,  and events in customers' homes.

We are fully Insured and Licensed.   We can handle difficult insurance requirements.

If  rental equipment is needed, such as glassware, tables, chairs, etc. visit the rentals page.

NYC Bartending Service   |   New York City    |   |  (347) 773-4533

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